Site Aspects
Site Aspects

(UPD: 07.02.2023)

  1. In order to use the Platform and its services, the user must be a member of the Discord server!
  2. When exiting the Discord server, the user is permanently deprived of all previously issued roles in it, the ability to access the purchased goods, until he comes back, the roles Authorized and the Client are issued after re-entering the site if you have lost them!
  3. At the moment, NONE of the products from K1NG has integration with gameCMS.
  4. When distributing, transferring to other persons or participants of the discord server any product files that are available only after purchase, the client's profile will be blocked on the Site, losing: support, access to previously purchased goods, access to balance management. Other sites and forums will be notified of a violation of the privacy rules.
  5. By purchasing the plugin, you will have access to all the following updates, even if the opportunity to purchase new products is blocked on the Site for your account. Previous versions of the product are not stored on the site!
  6. In the installation of any product and its configuration, K1NG and AцТеК do not help! You should be able to do it yourself, there is an installation guide on the page of each product.
  7. Some plugins have a binding. The binding system works: specify the IP of the current servers in your Profile in the "Servers" field and wait for them to be approved by the Site Administration. And only after approval you can download and install the plugin on a new server. When adding a new IP server, you need to download all the plugins that will be installed on the new server! The number of servers is limited - no more than 30 ip from the Project.
  8. If the Administration reveals or receives irrefutable evidence that the linked plugins were used on another project that is not related to you, then your profile will be blocked without the ability to use the Platform and the purchased any products!
  9. The purchase is made only through the website, and the account is replenished only through the provided payment methods! Before adding funds to your account, keep in mind that some products cannot be purchased without passing testing!
  10. There are 2 main levels of access to goods:
     • Limited blocking- issued for minor violations (see paragraph 31) of the Site or Offer Aspects; does not allow the user to replenish the profile balance and purchase any other goods, but leaves access to files and updates of already purchased goods.
    And one additional access level:
     • Beta-tester includes a full level of access and the ability to participate in testing new functionality from the resource. It is selected according to requests from Trusted clients or according to the list of current donators/users participating in the crowdfunding collection.
  11. Testing must be carried out either by the project owner or by a person who is trusted to configure the server.
  12. The user whose testing is under consideration must be able to get feedback from the Administration (open discord BOS) and be a member of the discord server of the Site. To respond to a message from the Administration in private messages or to fulfill the set conditions, the user is given a period of 1 week, otherwise the testing will be rejected with the appropriate reason!
  13. When exiting the discord server, as long as the user's testing is under consideration by the administration, the testing will be rejected with the appropriate reason. If you log in and out of the Discord server frequently, the bot will block your profile! To unblock your profile you need to contact with Administration.
  14. One of the test questions on The full level of access requires the user to specify either his VK group, or the Project site, or Sourcebans, or a Steam group, or a Discord server to confirm ownership of the game Project, which must necessarily be related to the Counter-Strike series of games and game servers.
    Without an answer to this question, if you specify a NON-GAME project or if there is no information (ip servers, creation date, etc.) about the game project at the specified link, the test will be rejected.
  15. Only one game project is accepted from one user (owner/proxy). If the project is not accepted again from another trusted person, the testing will be rejected for the appropriate reason. In case of a change of the project name or a link to it, the user is obliged to notify the Site Administration (K1NG or AцТеК) personally in the Discord.
  16. The game project must meet the required conditions:
    a) Have your own website or Sourcebans or VK group, where the IP addresses of active servers (at least 1 server) on which there are stable online players during active hours must be open (in the information or in monitoring, on the wall of the group).
    b) At least be older than 3 months. It is considered either from the first post of the VK group or the record of the official launch of the first server, or from the date of creation of the domain. If necessary, the Administration can request data on the statistics of your VK group or website.
  17. Even if your project meets the specified conditions in point 16, the Site Administration may reject testing at its own discretion. There may be exceptions if the project is very well developed at an early stage.
  18. The project that the user specifies during testing, as well as the administration-persons who are directly involved in managing the project, should not be associated with the sale/creation of servers, server hosting services for third-party users, engage in the sale/placement of private services (plug-ins, models, etc.), the sale/provision of the opportunity to download cheats or merged assemblies of server assemblies.
  19. It is undesirable to use, within the framework of a game project, services for configuring the server or installing plugins from third parties that are not included in the main technical administration of the Project. Administration may reject your testing with the appropriate reason.
  20. If one of the representatives of the game Project has previously failed testing, then during the rollback time for repeated testing, any other test from another representative of the same Project will be rejected!
  21. When buying goods from our Partner OUTSIDE the SITE, the goods are not issued free of charge on the Site! Support is provided by the Author either in the personal account or on his website / discord server.
  22. Discussion/suggestion of a drain, or hints about where you can find any merged private goods, even those goods that are placed on other resources outside the Site - BAN the profile, without a refund and without restoring access to previously purchased goods.
  23. Profile Blocking is divided into:
    Limited blocking- issued for minor violations (see paragraph 31) of the Site or Offer Aspects; does not allow the user to replenish the profile balance and purchase any other goods, but leaves access to files and updates of already purchased goods.
    Full blocking - is issued for serious violations of Aspects of the Site or the Offer; completely blocks the user access to the Site together with the current balance (without refund) and access to all purchased goods.
    The type of violation is determined by the Administration. Find out the reason in more detail from the Administration in the discord BOS, if you can't write to any of the Administrators, then write to community messages.
  24. Inadequate communication, spam messages in the private messages, insults to the Site Administration and users of the Discord server will be punished up to the restriction of the ability to write messages in channels and receive support in the text channel.
  25. If one of the Users undergoing testing, who holds any of the administrative positions in the Project, has on the site a profile that is blocked, regardless of the reason given, then this test is not considered by the Administration, and the corresponding reason will be indicated in the reason for the refusal.
  26. If the user has a profile ban for a good reason (drain, fraud, etc.) on the site the profile on the Site will be completely blocked without the possibility of buying new goods, without access to already purchased goods, and access to most channels on the Discord server will be closed.
  27. If errors are detected in the work of the Partner's product, or if there are no necessary files for work, write to the discord server support channel with a tag on the Author, all claims are accepted within 7 days after purchase, then the Site Administration (K1NG and АцТеК) are not responsible!
  28. Access to the same goods that one person purchased from the Project is not granted to another person associated with the same Project. Only with the mutual consent of both administrative persons related to the same Project.
  29. If the answers are intentionally filled out incorrectly during testing or if arbitrary characters are specified that do not have a semantic load, the testing will be rejected, and the possibility of re-passing is limited for a longer period than the standard one.
  30. The initials/full name must be indicated in the name of each server Project, or similar characters. Servers with radically different names will be rejected with the appropriate reason.
  31. The Site Administration has the right to temporarily or permanently issue Limited blocking of the profile (see paragraph 23) on the Site for the following reasons:
    a) the presence of evidence of the Client's incompetence in setting up the purchased goods, provided that detailed installation/configuration instructions were given on the Author's product(s) page, and the Author was not asked for the information necessary to clarify the issue of interest;
    b) for making false accusations without providing evidence in relation to the Author;
    с) for inadequate communication, violation of the discord server rules, use of profanity and offensive language in any form;
    d) if the Site user Administration suspects: of buying merged goods from scammers and using them on their Project or registering on the scammer's website or if they are in the VK group/on the scammer's discord server;
    e) deliberate underestimation of the Author's product evaluation without proceedings, providing reasonable evidence, bringing the problem to the attention of the Site Administration (the score will be removed from product on the Site, but will remain in the discord channel #reviews-reviews).
        The issuance of this lock on points a), b), e) must be approved by both Administrators of the Site (K1NG and AzTeC) by open voting in the channel #offtop-offtop.
      The appeal is accepted only in private messages in the Discord to one of the Site Administrators.
  32. ALL plugins (.smx) from K1NG with plugin binding can be automatically deleted from your server in case of violation of the procedure for installing plugins on new servers (specified in clause 7) or if you refuse to renew your subscription to WSGK. No other files on your server will be affected! This item is related to the number errors #13 and #18 on the page Plugin binding.
  33. NEW If the work of the client's game project is officially suspended/frozen or the Project does not have active servers, the Site Administration will temporarily take away access to the files of previously acquired resources with a binding. Access will be returned only if the Project and servers are active.
Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q: Who is part of the Project Team?
A: K1NG and AцТеК are the founders and the only Administrators of the Site.

Q: I can't write to any of the channels, what should I do?
A: If your profile is not blocked, then you need to log in to the site at least once to create a profile.

Q: How to purchase products on the Site?
A: You can only purchase products from the main Site coder K1NG by passing testing. Partners have the choice to set the possibility for buyers to purchase their products without testing or with it. After the Administration checks your test (within two days) and receives the access level, you can top up your account and purchase the plugin.

Q: Where can I download the plugin or update it?
A: All available files can be downloaded on the product page. Once on the page, click on the "Files" button and download the file you need.

Q: Do you make plugins to order?
A: Depending on which ones, write to the Discord with a mark on K1NG. Or send your suggestion in the discord channel #предложения-suggestions

Q: I need to change the source code to meet my requirements, can I transfer the source code to another developer?
A: Yes, but only to a trusted developer who has a corresponding role in the discord. Or you can ask another developer, but on condition that he is approved by the Site Administration. Or you can contact the Site's coder - K1NG, who will redo the plugin for you for a certain amount.

Q: Can I give the plugin to a friend because of the closure of my game servers project?
A: No, the purchase is carried out in one hand, for one project.

Q: I want to combine my Project and another someone else's Project. Thus, so that I can use the purchased goods of another Project.
A: A very sensitive moment. Since in this way some unscrupulous server holders can circumvent the rules of the Site, the final decision will be made by the Site Administration - K1NG and AцТеК. Contact any of them.

Q: How long to wait for a fix in case of an error?
A: The fix depends only on the Author of the displayed product. Carefully look at who is the author and ask him personally. K1NG and AцТеК are not engaged in fixing products that are not related to them!

Q: I'm leaving the CS server administration industry and I want to distribute all purchased products, for the benefit of other Project, why is it undesirable to do this?
A: Developers (including K1NG) spend their time creating unique resources, trying to realize their idea for the masses, and because of such incidents, any desire to do anything is discouraged, thereby developers abandon the support and development of the resource. This is a personal opinion, if you want to improve the quality of the resource, follow the privacy rules. Remember that for the send of private products to third parties, access to updates and support will be blocked to all those who bought them.

Q: I'm leaving the CS server administration industry and I want to sell private plugins purchased here.
A: No, the purchase is carried out in one hand, the transfer / resale of resources is impossible.

Q: How do I get the Full Access level?
A: To get the Full Access Level, you must pass the test once

Q: Is it possible to change the access level?
A: You can only change to an additional access level - a Beta-tester, but only by oral request and approval of the Administration.

Q: How do I get the Client role in the Discord?
A: It is enough to purchase any plugin on the site and the role will be issued automatically.

Q: How do I get the Trusted Client role in the Discord?
A: The Trusted Client role can be obtained by those customers who have proven their ability to independently configure and install the purchased products, as well as purchased at least 5 products on the Site and left a review. If you think that you can become a Trusted Client, then inform one of the Administration users private. The selection is carried out personally by K1NG or AцТеК.

Q: What are the CSGO, CSS V90, CSS V34 roles for?
A: This will make it easier for technical support to help you and give some information to other customers. Do not immediately set yourself all the roles that you are not related to.

Q: How do I get the role of the game?
A: To do this, go to the #addrole channel and use the reaction to select the necessary role of the game.

Q: Is there any integration with web interfaces?
A: Not at the moment, but it is planned in the future.

Q: How to become our partner and get the Partner role?
A: You need to contact the K1NG admin in the Discord private messages.

Q: What does the Partner role give?
A: Having received the status of a Partner, you have the opportunity to sell and make a profit for your displayed goods on our Site.

Q: Where can I find out more about the partnership?
A: You can find out everything about the partnership on the Site here -

Q: How do I get the updates and news roles?
A: You can get them in the #addrole channel.

Q: What are the updates and news roles for?
A: Is the @updates role necessary to get information about updates in the channel #обновления-updates.
     The @news role is needed to get information about new products and the latest news of the Site in the channel #новости-news.

Q: Why do we need crowdfunding?
A: Regarding the scope of our Site's activities, the meaning of crowdfunding is to raise funds to support the Authors ' efforts in developing a unique resource.

Q: How do I get a Crowdfunder role?
A: It is enough to participate in one of the organized fundraisers for any of the resources.

Q: I do not receive messages (about the approval of: servers, test, etc.) from the bot. What should i do?
A: In order for the bot to send you a message, you must have private messages open in your discord.